Sawmilling, the important step to get great products. We supply Wesaborgs AB's sawmill machinery, sawmill solutions that give you cost effective sawing and great products that your clients will love

Harvesting, the first steep to quality lumber. The correct forest management is important to get high quality final products. A simple thing such as using the right machinery at the right place leads to minimize damage to nature and the remaining forest.
Locally we have our own lumber yards. We focus on high quality lumber and lumber species that is hard to find on the local market in Sweden for example, we supply hardwoods from North America and tropical species

Lumber for any of your projects

What we do

Holding Company

Limonchello, as a privately owned company, is the sole owner of ARTC Solution and all its branches. ARTC Solution is active on the international market in foresting and sawmilling..


Limonchello is an international consultant in foresting and sawmilling first of all. Secondly we consult Startups to midsize businesses in IT and how to get funding for their business.


Limonchello invest from time to time in projects within the foresting and sawmilling sector. Mostly as seed money for startups but also bigger projects that fits with our profile.

News and events

Saw mill project in Tanzania

We recently started a saw mill project for a business partner in Tanzania. A Swedish sawmill that is under complete renovation will be install as a part of a new sawmill in Dar Es Salaam.

The new saw mill with saw both softwoods and hardwoods. It will be able to kiln dry its full capacity and have its own molding line.

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Saw mill project in Sweden

We are studying were to build a saw mill in Sweden for producing small volume of our own lumber for our lumberyard with production focus on special dimensions, kiln drying and molding.

The saw mill will be built in conjunction to our lumberyard for special lumber. Where we will offer lumber from the four corners of the world.

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Forestland in South Sweden

We are actively looking for forestland in Sweden. We are mostly looking for properties in South Sweden, but are also interested in forestland in the northern parts of Sweden and in EU.

The forest land will be part of our environmental forest growing and be part of our program of from forest directly to customer.

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